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Upcoming Events

Thursday, November 27th 7:00 PM
Soirée de lecture avec les éditions Pow Pow
Joignez-vous à nous pour une soirée de lecture avec des bédéistes de la maison d'édition Pow Pow! Il y aura aussi une séance de dédicace!

Chroniques du Centre-Sud (Richard Suicide)
23 h 72 (Blonk)
Les cousines vampires (Cathon and Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau)
Dessins (Pascal Girard)
Mile End (Michel Hellman)
Les deuxièmes (Zviane)
Glorieux printemps (Sophie Bédard)

Friday, November 28th 7:00 PM
Book Launch: Peter Dubé's Beginning with the Mirror
Join us for the launch of Peter Dubé's Beginning with the Mirror! The evening will be hosted by Chrisopher DiRaddo. Books will be available for buying and signing, along with refreshments. Free and open to all.

About the book:
Jean Genet stated: "Anyone who knows a strange fact shares in its singularity." A few strange facts within this book, the latest collection by Shirley Jackson award finalist, Peter Dubé, are: the heat within a boy or a man can be muscular, be with purpose, be all consuming; mobs become consuming entities, shifting and hungry and with no humane intention despite being once composed of humanity; poets and actresses and students are words and words have power and resonance and walk on two legs and sometimes soar but more often haunt; and we can never forget that memories batter and wound, their shape defined like a blade or reflective like a silver-backed mirror. Dubé's short stories are eerie and fantastical and chip away at the known world until there are wide cracks that reveal many a strange fact to all of us at once.
Saturday, November 29th 5:00 PM
Sarah Lazarovic and Benjamin Errett
From 5-7 PM artist Sarah Lazarovic will draw what you covet. Anyone is welcome to stop by for a short covet counseling session, in which Lazarovic will paint a portrait of something you want so that you won’t want to buy it.

7-9 PM Sarah Lazarovic and Benjamin Errett will chat with Montreal author, Mireille Silcoff.
Thursday, December 4th 7:00 PM
The Idea of the Avant Garde - And What It Means Today: Book Launch, Presentation, Q&A
The Idea of the Avant Garde, edited by Montreal author and cultural theorist Marc James Léger, brings together 50 intellectuals and artists from different generations of practice - 60s and 70s neo-avant-gardes, 80s and 90s postmodernists and 2000s activists - to reflect on the significance of the avant garde idea in a world of creative industries, precarious labour and neoliberal austerity. The book is conceived as a bridge between contemporary activist art and the various forms of critical autonomy that are part of the legacies of radical art. Tracing diverse genealogies and trajectories, the book offers a forum of ideas that covers different arts fields, from visual art, art activism, photography, film and architecture, to literature, theatre, performance, intermedia and music.

A 30 minute presentation by Marc James Léger will be followed by a Q&A. The launch event is free and open to the public.
Friday, December 5th 7:00 PM
Emma Waltraud Howes : Ankyloglossia (n. tongue-tie) book launch
Join us for the Montreal launch of Emma Waltraud Howes’ Ankyloglossia. Ankyloglossia (n. Tongue-tie) is a volume of parts, carefully composed through compiled notes, diagrams, and scores that act as an extension for a new installation work of the same title by Waltraud Howes, who is currently in residence at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien through the support of the Quebec Council for the Arts. Jacob Wren, Caroline Boileau, and Emma Waltraud Howes will read excerpts from the book. There will be a Q&A with the audience, and catalogues for sale!
Wednesday, January 14th 7:00 PM
Graphic Novel Book Club: Pink
Each month we host a Graphic Novel Book Club meeting, during which we hang out and informally discuss a featured graphic novel. January's pick will be Kyoko Okazaki's Pink. The meeting will be hosted by Librairie Drawn & Quarterly's Kira Poirier. There will be refreshments and collective insight! We offer you a 20% discount on Pink from now until the meeting date.
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