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Tuesday, September 29th 7:00 PM
Bande dessinée et carnet de croquis avec Michel Hellman Workshop: Sketch journaling and comic book creation with Michel Hellman
Bande dessinée et carnet de croquis avec Michel Hellman

29 septembre - 20 octobre, 19h-21h

Dans cet atelier nous allons explorer le lien entre la bande dessinée et le carnet de voyage. Par le biais de différentes techniques, les participants seront invités à documenter leur vie quotidienne et à exprimer leurs pensées à travers le croquis dans ce qui deviendra leur carnet de "voyage" journalier. Par la suite, nous allons voir comment ce carnet peut être utilisé comme une base pour créer une bande dessinée.

L'atelier aura lieu les mardis soirs à 19h00, à partir du 29 Septembre, au 20 Octobre. Le coût est 150 $, maximum 10 participants.September 29th - October 20th, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

In this workshop, we will be exploring the link between documenting one's everyday life through a sketch journal and creating a comic book. Participants will be shown different techniques to create and maintain a sketch journal in order to record what they see around them and visualize their thoughts. We will then see how this journal can be used to create a comic book.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., starting September 29th, and running through October 20th. Cost is $150, maximum 10 participants.
Saturday, October 10th 7:00 PM
Sarah Riggs Launches Pomme & Granite (1913 Press)
Sarah Riggs will be launching her new book, POMME & GRANITE from 1913 Press with Alexei Perry Cox. The readers will be introduced by Megan Fernandes
Wednesday, October 14th 7:00 PM
D+Q Graphic Novel Book Club : Olivier Schrauwen
Thursday, October 15th 7:00 PM
Double fiction launch with Samuel Archibald and Josip Novakovich!
Join us on Thursday, October 15th at 7:00 p.m. for the launch of Ex-Yu by Josip Novakovich with special guest Samuel Archibald, author of Arvida

The evening will be hosted by Dimitri Nasrallah editor of Esplanade Books.
Saturday, October 17th 7:00 PM
Signal, Coach House and Palimpsest Fall Poetry Launch!
Join us for a quadruple launch with Coach House and Palimpsest authors David Solway, Derek Webster, Mary Dalton, and Joshua Trotter! See below for info about the books:

Installations, David Solway’s 14th book of poetry, is haunted with transformation, Few poets possess as commanding a gift for metaphor or can use it to masterfully conjure the ever-changing landscape of the natural world. Like the jerry-rigged farmer’s contraption that stands in for “eclectic grandeur and jumbled eloquence,” this collection celebrates the way ordinary elements can be yoked to create wholly original insights. Be it through rhyme or free verse, slang or lyricism, and roaming a dazzling range of tones—satirical, philosophical, scabrous, tender, celebratory—Installations offers up a world depicted and inhabited in all its manifestations.

In poetry that strikes a delicate balance between candour and lament, Mockingbird tracks the aftershocks of a failed marriage through a variety of self-portraits. Derek Webster’s speakers itemize their regrets and fears while keeping sentimentality in check, the result is a first book of exceptional emotional power. Indeed, the distinctive and nuanced shapes of Webster’s exquisitely controlled lyrics highlight the great achievement of his debut: a clipped, often aphoristic line-making stripped down to cold truths. The struggle isn’t about being yourself, these poems argue, but about deciding which version of yourself to accept—and surviving the decision with equanimity. “Your small life wants to live in you / despite everyone’s attempts to do it in.”

Edge collects thirty years of essays, reviews, and interviews by celebrated Newfoundland poet Mary Dalton. Driven by a need to reconfigure how the margin is seen in literature, culture and politics, Dalton explores the work of writers and artists who occupy an imaginative threshold or edge: from the dark visions of Samuel Beckett to the dialogue novels of I. Compton-Burnett, from the apocalyptic Boatman paintings of fellow artist Gerald Squires to the vernacular poetry of John Steffler. Showcasing a use of language as vivid, precise, and supple as that in Dalton's award-winning poetry, Edge reflects the range of a major Canadian poet's interests and influences and celebrates what she calls "people being grounded in their place, people knowing where they were, who they were, having a sense of connection to the land."

Mission Creep began as reworkings of the CIA's Human Resources Exploitation Training Manual. Attempts to torture the text itself -- obeying literary constraints, employing audio editing tools, and displacing it with other voices, including Hannah Arendt's and Evel Knievel's -- reveal convoluted narratives, transmissions that contemplate whether torture provides useful information. At once a fugue and an absurdist comedy, info-overload and pure tone, Mission Creep comes on with the fire of apocalyptic prophecy and melts on the tongue like the last snowflake of winter.
Sunday, October 18th 10:00 AM
Kid's Day Launch for Isabelle Arsenault's Alpha (Candlewick Press)
Thursday, October 22nd 7:00 PM
Roxane Gay of Bad Feminist (Harper Perennial) and An Untamed State (Grove Atlantic) in conversation with Rachel Zellars at the Rialto Hall
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly and Writer's Read Concordia in association with IGSF, Dawson Scholar of Feminist Media Studies and the James McGill Chair in Culture and Technology present Roxane Gay in conversation with Rachel Zellars.
Sunday, October 25th 3:00 PM
Kids’ Event: Craig Thompson launches the all ages adventure story Space Dumplins
Monday, October 26th 7:00 PM
Talk and signing with Craig Thompson
Talk and signing on Monday with Craig Thompson, the award-winning, bestselling cartoonist of the coming-of-age graphic memoir Blankets and the modern classic Habibi.
Friday, November 6th 7:00 PM
Signature Editions Fall Book Event ft: Catherine Hunter, Gerald Lynch, Louise Carson and mystery authors John Brooke and Alison Preston! Hosted by Denise Roig.
Join us for a grand take over by the Signature Editions gang. Meet, mingle and hear the latest and greatest from these Canadian authors!

Featuring new releases by award winning and highly praised authors Catherine Hunter, Gerald Lynch and Louise Carson!

You'll also enjoy some thrilling readings by mystery authors John Brooke and Alison Preston from their latest literary mysteries.
Hosted by Denise Roig, author of Brilliant.

Don't miss it!
Thursday, November 12th 7:00 PM
Nicole Brossard launches Ardour (Coach House translation)
Friday, November 13th 7:00 PM
Kliph Nesteroff launches The Comedians (Grove Atlantic) in conversation with David Heti
THE COMEDIANS: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and the History of American Comedy (Grove Press), by Kliph Nesteroff is an expansive and endlessly entertaining history of comedy, spanning more than a century from vaudeville, through radio, television, the counterculture, the comedy club boom, to the present. Based on over two hundred original interviews, from major stars like Mel Brooks and Steve Martin to forgotten nobodies, and extensive archival research, this book offers the first ever comprehensive history of standup, a quintessential American art form.
Monday, November 16th 7:00 PM
Carrie Brownstein launches Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl in conversation with Jessica Hopper
Tickets on sale 10am, Friday, October 9th
Available at 211 Bernard Ouest or online (link to come)
$15 or free with a purchase of Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl (in store only)
stop by (211 Bernard Ouest) or call (514-279-2224) to reserve a ticket with a credit card.

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly presents:

Carrie Brownstein launches HUNGER MAKE ME A MODERN GIRL: A MEMOIR
in conversation with Jessica Hopper.
Monday, November 16th

Ukrainian Federation Hall (5213 rue Hutchison)
doors, 5:30, event 7pm
Carrie Brownstein is the guitarist in pioneering rock band Sleater-Kinney and the creator/co-star of the wildly popular television show Portlandia. Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl (Riverhead Books) is Brownstein's debut, a candid, funny, and deeply personal look at making a life—and finding yourself—in music. Brownstein will be in conversation with Jessica Hopper, senior editor at Pitchfork and author of The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic (Featherproof Books).
Friday, November 20th 7:00 PM
George Grella launches 33 1/3 Series: Mile Davis' Bitches Brew (Bloomsbury Academic)
One of the singular albums in the history of recorded music, Bitches Brew, now has a 33 1/3 series book to match. Come to Librarie Drawn & Quarterly to talk Miles Davis, and listen to Bitches Brew, with author George Grell.

It was 1969, and Miles Davis, prince of cool, was on the edge of being left behind by a dynamic generation of young musicians, an important handful of whom had been in his band. Rock music was flying off in every direction, just as America itself seemed about to split at its seams. Following the circumscribed grooves and ambiance of In A Silent Way and coming off a tour with a burning new quintet, called ‘The Lost Band,’ with Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette, he went into the studio with musicians like frighteningly talented guitarist John McLaughlin, and soulful Austrian keyboardist Joe Zawinul. Working with his essential producer, Teo Macero, Miles set a cauldron of ideas loose while the tapes rolled. At the end, there was the newly minted Prince of Darkness, a completely new way forward for jazz and rock, and the endless brilliance and depth of Bitches Brew.

Bitches Brew is still one of the most astonishing albums ever made in either jazz or rock. Seeming to fuse the two, it actually does something entirely more revolutionary and open­ended: blending the most avant­garde aspects of Western music with deep grooves, the album rejects both jazz and rock for an entirely different idea of how music can be made.
Tuesday, December 1st 7:00 PM
Gloria Steinem launches My Life On the Road
Tuesday December 1st
The Rialto Theatre (5723 Parc Ave.)
Doors at 5:30 pm, event at 7 pm
Tickets TBA

We are unbelievably excited to be bringing the legendary American feminist, journalist, and political activist Gloria Steinem to Montreal to launch her new book. My Life on the Road (Random House) shares the fascinating and profound story of Steinem's touring life, and the way those tours help her continuously redefine her ethos and interests.
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