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Lucky, Volume 2 #1

Gabrielle Bell

Gabrielle Bell continues the journal comics begun in her recent hardcover collection, Lucky, chronicling her life as an emerging professional cartoonist. Volume 2 #1 is filled with the simple excursions and technicalities of the lifestyle: guerilla photocopy runs, trips to comic conventions, slide presentations and panels, art shows, after-parties and poetry readings.

Bell tells of her experiences performing her tale of unlikely love, "My Affliction," a surreal adventure story also included here. This self-referential combination gives the sensation of a hallway of mirrors in which one strange reality is reflected infinitely back upon itself. In the world of Lucky, this space is drawn out in the uniquely deliberate and urgent illustrations that fuse Bell's pleasantly scattered scenarios.

ISBN: 9781897299333

$3.95 US / $3.95 CDN

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